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KV10(120Kw) ; Sufficient Combustion, No Smoke

Waste Oil Heater



KVH6000 Oil Heater Video Series

KINGWEI OIL HEATER VIDEO (VII) What's the 3 meter air hose temp


Test result, The end of the 3-meter hot air hose, raise from 29 to 48℃ takes 2 minutes, continue to rise up



KINGWEI OIL HEATER VIDEO (IV) Test- How long reach 100℃


Test result, The hot air outlet, raise from 26 to 100℃ takes 6 minutes 26 seconds


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Waste Oil Hot Water Boiler

New Products
$790.00 - $2,800.00/Unit
1 Unit(Min. Order)
$2,815.00 - $8,308.00/Unit
1 Unit(Min. Order)
$2,815.00 - $8,308.00/Unit
1 Unit(Min. Order)



Other Burner Option

Feedback from our customer

our waste oil burner has various applications,can use for both individual and industrial area

small power burners are very popular for individual heating,for home,swimming pool,chicken house,fryer etc

big power burners are very suitable for industrial area,such as boiler,furnace,grain dryer,mold casting,reactor,incinerator etc



our waste oil heater also has many applications,can be used both indoor and outdoor.such as garage,workshop,poultry house,drying kiln,tunnel,stadium etc.

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